Code of Conduct

All members of the Mississippi Goal Chasers Youth Track and Field Organization will be expected to adhere to the following rules and guidelines at all activities on or off the track. The following is as listed:

  1. Show respect to those in authority;

  2. Show respect to peers/athletes and the property of others at ALL times;

  3. Avoid vulgar language or any language found offensive;

  4. Avoid any act of behavior that is dangerous to yourself and/or to others such as acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical abuse;

  5. Athletes are to represent themselves in a way that does not bring embarrassment to MGC organization. This includes schools, practices, track meets or anytime they can be identified as an MGC athlete;

  6. Athletes will NOT argue with coaches about track and field participation time;

  7. Athletes will not argue calls made by any Official of ANY event;

  8. Any runner who is ejected from any track meet event will serve a MINIMUM of a 1 event suspension effective for the next track meet.

  9. The athlete will learn the value of teamwork, self-discipline and development of a strong work ethic and personal sacrifice.

  10. The athlete will learn to be a good sport while developing self-control, honesty and a spirit of cooperation.

  11. The athlete will be a good winner as well as a gracious loser in defeat. Sportsmanship is an important value that will be a major objective for all Mississippi Goal Chasers athletes.

  12. The athlete will show respect to all officials, coaches, players, and parents never acting in a manner which would be considered disrespectful or would reflect negatively on them or the team.

  13. The athlete will learn to appreciate the skills and abilities of his/her peers.

  14. The athlete will learn an appreciation of playing by given rules.

  15. The athlete will learn the value of physical fitness that leads to a sound body, healthy mind, and life-long health habits.

  16. The athlete will learn, in a positive manner, to cope with the competitive nature of athletics and society.

  17. The athlete will maintain a 2.5 GPA to retain membership of this organization.

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